Eventually we went to Shengtang (圣堂寺) temple near Suzhou (苏州) for the week-end (Nov 28th to 29th).
The monks welcomed us warmly and showed us a tour.

EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8332
EOS 70D-2015_11_28-IMG_8169 EOS 70D-2015_11_28-IMG_8239
The practice room was comfortable, yet a bit chilly.
We’d rather practice outside with the Sun.
IMG_3468EOS 70D-2015_11_28-IMG_8234
EOS 70D-2015_11_28-IMG_8214
We weren’t the only ones to practice in that temple.
EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8271EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8326IMG_3508
And the gardens were full of surprising encounters.
EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8357EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8363EOS 70D-2015_11_28-IMG_8196
We followed our monk guide for a meditative walk to the nearby lake.
Afterward we came back to the temple for a vegetarian meal with the monks.
At night we shared our experiences and enjoyed a nice candle meditation.
Already time to go back to Shanghai. We didn’t notice the guest who sneaked in the group picture.
EOS 70D-2015_11_29-IMG_8402