This qigong was first mentioned in a book of the Song Dynasty (12th century AD) : Record of the Listener – Selection of Chinese Supernatural Stories (夷坚志). Later, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the standing form became very popular and had already been formed into a complete health-enhancing routine.

NeiGong BaDuanJin 内功八段锦 combines static posture, meditation and movements. It is a soft approach focusing on the spine and the use of inner power (neigong) to do the movements.

It helps cultivate the vital energy with body and mind, reinforces muscles, tendons and organs, and enhances circulation of qi in the body. This practice is beneficial in case of back problems, stress and sub-health state. Some medical studies also demonstrated positive effects on insomnia and depression.


Movements of BaDuanJin :

  1. Lift the Heavens with Two Hands to Regulate Sanjiao (两手托天三焦)
  2. Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Hawk (左右开弓似射雕)
  3. Hold One Arm Aloft to Regulate the Spleen and Stomach (调理脾胃须单举)
  4. Look from Side to Side to Prevent Five Overstrains and Seven Injuries (五劳七伤往后瞧)
  5. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail to Clear Heart Fire (摇头摆尾去心火)
  6. Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist (两手攀足固肾腰)
  7. Clench the Fists and Glare Angrily to Increase Strength (攒拳怒目增气力)
  8. 7 Times of Bouncing to Relieve All Diseases (背后七颠百病消)