From Sunday October 2nd to Thursday October 6th
Departure from Shanghai on Sunday at 7a.m.,
back in Shanghai on Thursday around 9p.m.

Qi Yun Shan (齐云山), one of the four sacred mountains of Daoism located in the Anhui province, offers us the charm of its village above the clouds! Close to Huangshan in the Yellow Mountain, 27 families live there (around 60 inhabitants).

Practicing in this exceptional and beautiful site of the yellow mountains allows us to benefit from the energy of a Daoist shrine.


✿ Practice Qigong with master Yang Shi Qiang, president and teacher of Huangshan Health Qigong Association, several times gold medal : 5 animals (五禽戏Wu Qin Xi), Daoyin Yangshenggong (导引养生功) or Chen style Tai Ji (陈氏太极).
✿ Discover calligraphy with Zhu Ping (former Chinese History professor),
✿ Explore the village of Qi Yun Shan,
✿ Taste the organic teas of the region.


Share a room for two (4 nights, 5 days) at the cultural center or in the home of a local family. Clean environment, private shower and toilets, clean sheets, beds ready when you arrive. Bring your personal towel and toiletry.

Fee : 5488rmb (4988 RMB for Students of Shanghai Qigong Institute)

To register and receive the detailed program, send a mail with your fullname and passport number to